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Perception, Power, Desire...Three Ingredients For Business Growth


CDM Digital Advertising Agency of Los Angeles is a multi-cultural boutique agency of story-tellers who use the wide tapestry of imagination to enable clients to reach consumers. CDM integrates advertising with social media marketing, web design, OOH, and video. We meet the marketing needs of businesses by creating brand recognition by providing a distinct voice for them and their products.


Without that voice, a company can labor in obscurity, or fail. CDM Digital's narratives are creative and resonate emotionally.


Well told narratives stir consumers to become buyers. Yet, barriers must be overcome -- over 3500 messages bombard consumers daily. Once the clutter is nullified, a company obtains brand distinction.


Our goal is to destroy such impediments, thus allowing a client market visibility and sales. David Ogilvy said it best: “In a world of business, it is useless to be an original creative thinker unless you can sell what you create.”


By blending multi-channel disciplines, we accomplish our objective of  "Making Your Brand Memorable."



We specialize in good story telling thru both digital and traditional advertising, to reach the broadest audience possible to promote brands and products.


Reputation Management

Bad reviews can be devastating. We use RM and Public Relations to suppress them, flooding the web with your accomplishments, praise, and beneficial information. 


 Brand Strategy

We’re not a wind-blown sailboat propelled on an uncharted course. We develop your brand using strategy, planning, and marketing to give you competitive distinction.


Website Design

Web Design is a powerful marketing tool, extending reach and visibility. Consumers shop online. Complimentary tools such as SEO, PPC and relevant content, will bring customers to you. 


Social Media Management

Online dialogue with a target audience elevates your customer base.Integrated multi-channel social media marketing creates discussion and marketing to what’s relevant to the end user.


Video Marketing

No matter customer group you’re targeting, professional videos can increase brand awareness. The objectives of educating, entertaining, can all be achieved through videos. 


1. We have extraordinary talent to meet a client's creative needs.

2. We give value added service, making marketing more holistic.

3. We are a smart, nimble, and compassionate creative agency.

4. We use research and insight to help clients increase their market share.

5. All of these create the likelihood of "Making Your Brand Memorable."


We're good at it. We focus on:

Banking & Financial Services
Health and Beauty
Package Goods
Education Institutes

Food For Thought: An Agency Life
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An advertising agency is one of life’s peculiar things. Some outfits overflow with optimism and soar to stratospheric, fiscal heights.  Others languish in a sea of struggle – year after year — customers are few and far between. The thought of closing of shop is always one breath away. The process goes this way: “I […]

Food For Thought: The Creative Aspect
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I remember having a class in college whose primary textbook was entitled: “Why Man Creates.” What stood out were psychological and social assessments, with spiritual overtones explaining that a person must be creative for the survival of the psyche. This resonated with me. The textbook said nothing about being creative for its own sake; or, being inventive […]




Food For Thought: Too Much Information – Not Enough Time
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By now, anyone that has read my blogs knows that I am the president of a small advertising agency. We’re an agency because we do with agencies do – assist clients by offering marketing services, and by generating adverts. Okay. Simple enough, but did you know that it’s difficult? Sometimes it’s even thankless and definitely […]




Advertising Projects & Consutations
Videos Produced or Written
PR, Marketing & Rep. Management Assignments
Websites Designed