Our Motto: “Making Your Brand Memorable.”

Our Credo: “The CDM Way.”

  • We respect the humanity of our clients.
  • We perform our work with integrity.
  • We respect and protect our co-workers.
  • We Do Our Job — and We Do it Well.




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About CDM Digital Advertising

During the Great Recession, CDM was created as a traditional marketing and public relations shop called Carson Dunn Media.  We evolved as the landscape of the communications field changed.  Maintaining continuity with superior copy-writing and graphics, we re-branded into a digital agency called CDM Digital Advertising.


Sure, we’re ‘digital,’ but we respect the roots of traditional advertising and remain client centered. We’re old fashioned and creative; but as David Ogilvy once said:


“In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”


Being clever will not accomplish our main responsibility to clients – resonate brand messages that compel consumers to buy their products and services.


We’re better than most agencies because we under the basic principles of advertising. Not only that, our clients are the beneficiaries of our efforts. Look, if you want it sold, give us a call. We will always uphold our promise of “Making Your Brand Memorable.”


Why We Love Advertising


Under the umbrella of marketing, advertising allows a business to gain lasting exposure with consumers.  We believe in providing affordable, create solutions to meet business needs.


Our services are  customized for each client using a system called Triplication(TM). Interested?


Read On.


Triplication simply recognizes that campaigns require blended communications verticals. Everything, from marketing to social media, web design, and advertising are supportive to give clients get maximum exposure.


Sometimes we don’t win the account we’re chasing. CDM never wavers on giving top-shelf presentations, graphics, and creative copy. Our staff practices our craft. The presentations, by necessity, becomes fresh and original.


Five Reasons To Hire CDM 


  1. We care about our clients and their success.
  2. Our graphics and writing are superb.
  3. We integrate verticals to get it right.
  4. We’re multi-racial and multi-cultural.
  5. Our staff refuses to fail our clients.

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