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Advertising is the key to both prosperity and revenue. All businesses understand this. That and taxes are truisms. Call us to discuss your advertising and marketing needs at (1818) 627-0450.

Some agencies believe in putting dubious labels on themselves. You've heard them cackle about being ‘digital hybrids’ — or even ‘design and marketing gurus’ – theorists — or ‘brand specialists’. Okay -- sure. CDM Digital is an advertising agency, which combines traditional disciplines with digital. We’re proud of five things:

• We’re good.

• We’re independent.

• We’re multi-cultural.

• We help clients conquer not only their advertising challenges but, growth issues.

• We put them first and use our creative strengths to make their brands memorable.

In the age of digital, dozens of tools are available to facilitate advertising campaigns. CDM Digital Advertising is smart, nimble and inventive. We are the right agency for you.


When CDM Digital Advertising opened its doors during the ‘Great Recession,’ we soon discovered because of the proliferation of agencies, we needed to stand out.  We are singular and make brands stand out because we are amazing story tellers.

We aren't skateboarding stoner ‘digitals,’ or, those jokers that proclaim I'm smarter than you 'because I code.’ We truly honor our clients. Our philosophy is etched in four precepts.

Our Tagline: "Making Your Brand Memorable."

Our Mission: To tell a client’s story from the widest tapestry of imagination.

Our Philosophy: We have purpose: To create, succeed, and be the best.

Our Core Values: “The CDM Way.”

* We operate with integrity.

* Our agency observes and respects the dignity of others.

* We are ethical in all of our dealings.

* Be confident that our agency will fulfill its desire of “Making Your Brand Memorable.”

Why Hire us?

That’s a good question, one deserving of an answer.

Here’s the thing, there are at least fifteen thousand ad agencies is the USA, large and small. So, why select CDM Digital from the mix? First, we're a good agency.

Second, unlike our competitors, we know there's a nexus between results and effort. We know how advertising and promotion work.

Another thing, a good agency rejects the idea that digital marketing and advertising will bring optimally increased sales and measurable growth unless they plan and pursues the end result.

A good agency with CDM Digital's flexibility can work on a fee basis, or on a minimum engagement retainer.

We don’t waste time or your money. Marketing issues have a ripple effect on revenue, and your existence – they need fixing.

We are multicultural and diverse. We didn't reinvent the wheel – just improved on the ways of getting brand messages to targeted consumers in ethnic and the total markets.

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