Making Your Brand Memorable

Case Studies


Business has a prime goal: capture a larger market share. CDM Digital Advertising can be a difference maker because we understand how legacy and digital advertising can bring you true brand recognition, and increase sales.


Several case studies back this up. 


Study No. 1

Client: Publisher/Bookseller


A publisher and book-seller needed to bridge a sales gap of its products to customers in the American South. Their focus was an emerging African-American book buying market. Client sold uplifting fiction and self-help, projecting the sale of several hundred thousand units per year.


Traditionally, sales were generated exclusively from bookstores. Ancillary products such as t-shirts and memorabilia related to publications were also sold. Rival bookstores maximized their own profits by huge markups, which adversely affected the bottom-line.


Carson Dunn Media Advertising (CDM) employed a combination of public relations (press and media kits), events, direct mail and email. The direct mail campaign consisted of custom sales brochure with a business reply mailer (BRM) sent to online book clubs  and college students; the latter information was obtained from student campus organizations.

Using limited, but targeted media, we demonstrated that our methods of Triplication™ could provide effective marketing solutions that brought desired results: increased sales.


Despite the recession, the client exceeded its sales goals.                         

 Study No.2

Haircare Products Manufacturer


Client manufactured hair care products for the African American community but wanted to expand into the general market and globally. They experienced a sales reduction of the multimillion dollar business due to the influx of new competitors in their core market. The client sought to improve its product line, targeting new consumers.


CDM Digital Advertising developed a strategy using a mixture of online advertising, traditional print, PR, radio, email marketing targeting celebrity and regular customers. CDM produce radio spots, as well as an info-commercial  from which several commercials were derived.


We determined that the demographics had to be expanded not only throughout North America, the Caribbean and into Asia. We place the product in the PXs of he American military, as well as revamping the clients website and navigation, wrote content. PR efforts connected the client to a major television celebrity and appearance on her program, promoting the products.


Within six months, the client experienced a turnaround, with business increasing tenfold over the previous quarter. Overall hall, within two years, to find increase revenue by 400% using our methods.

     Study No. 3    

Computer Software Company


After six years, refurbishing and reconstituting software, business waned a year previous to CDM's involvement. Our client also shipped products globally. Competitors had emerged, affecting business, and, effectively curtailing global business.


Our client needed new customers while rebranding. Rebranding implied the business was new with no true brand identity.


A budget of three-quarters of a million dollars was projected for two years. It allowed CDM to target customers, retaining old customers, expanding the market reach to business-to-business. 


CDM Digital combined advertising, marketing, and online campaigns, along with PR nationally where we gave away free computers and training  schoolchildren. Direct mail and email; and, in nationally, cable-television, and locally radio. The direct mail was a custom sales brochure with a business reply mail or (BRM) sent to business owners. A marketing tagline was employed with the rebranding. The campaign was taken globally, targeting foreign-owned businesses in their own languages.


Sales exceeded projections.              

Study No. 4

Client: Financial Company

Assignment: Crisis management and public relations. 


With offices in El Paso, Texas and Northridge, California, this client faced a plethora of pending civil suits and criminal indictments due to bad business practices. Using crisis management, the agency mounted a public relations campaign to deflect and blunt these actions. 

Pertinent Facts: Client mass mailed individuals proposing to supply them with major credit cards on payment. They also promised to rebuild credit. However, applicants were sent a packet containing a catalog, and a “gold credit card.” 


 A PR campaign was developed to restore goodwill and client's reputation. The campaign included direct communications with alleged defrauded customers. Native ads were placed in community newspapers where the majority of violations allegedly occurred.

CDM rewrote client’s business correspondence and marketing materials. The agency responded to all customer complaints and regulatory inquiries. We arranged charitable events to re-establish goodwill.


Over time, and after strategic native advertising of the revamped company, revenue loss was negligible. The publicity campaign allowed the company survive and experience 6% growth in yearly sales until merging. 

A Word

Keep one eye on the competition -- the other on the trends of your market.  

Our obligation as an agency is to research and provide useful information to a client and help them process the meaning of it.

You've invited us into your business -- a position of trust. We have a duty to stay ahead of trends in marketing, to grasp how technology affects your market landscape and to help you travel it. 

If we fail, shame on us. CDM Digital Advertising does not take this responsibility lightly.  When you hired our agency, expect loyalty, because it come's the contract. Here's something else.

       1. Expect us to be nosy, questioning and advising you in the marketing direction we feel is in your company's best interest.

       2. Expect bi-weekly updates regarding your campaign or project.

       3. Don't be shocked if we deliver within budget and on time.

       4. Expect our President or a VP to call and ask: "How's it going?" or, "Need anything else?"

       5. Understand  Client Services will call (not email) because we value you as a human being. 

       6. Finally, know that CDM will remain committed to helping you in "Making Your Brand Memorable."

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