Case Studies


It's Very Simple

We specialize in taking a small budget, and creating significant ROI. We're that good. Clients are reluctant to share information on their success – spilling the secret sauce.

However, CDM Digital Advertising methodology of Triplication (TM) is solution oriented. We attest to this by the following:

  • Finance Related Business

 This business hired CDM Digital Advertising to handle reputation and crisis management, but public relations efforts recovered lost revenue and increased sales.  

This financial related service could improve its client base at the vigorous campaign of crises management and marketing public relations.  


 A former client of our agency, with offices in El Paso, Texas and Northridge, California faced possible closure and threats of civil and possible criminal indictments. CDM Digital Advertising mounted a public relations campaign to deflect, or otherwise blunt these actions using crisis management.   

The defense of lawsuits against P B approached one-hundred thousand dollars. Indictments alleged mail fraud of several million dollars.    

    Pertinent Facts

P B mass mailed individuals prosing to supply them with major credit cards on payment of $350. They also promised to rebuild credit. However, the applicants were sent a packet containing a catalog, and a “gold credit card.” Earned revenue was $1,200,000 per quarter per.


A CRISIS MANAGEMENT campaign was developed to restore P B’s goodwill, and business reputation. 

The campaign included direct communications with certain attorney generals, and alleged defrauded minority groups. Newspaper ads were placed in black and Hispanic Communities in states where these violations allegedly occurred. 


CDM rewrote letters of business solicitation, revamped sales materials and responded to all customer complaints and regulatory inquiries. We arranged charitable events to reestablish good will.

Over time, and after strategic advertising of the revamped company, revenue loss was negligible. The publicity campaign allowed the company to survive and experience 26% growth in yearly sales until merging with another company.  




A publisher and book-seller needed to bridge a sales gap of its products to customers in the American South. Their focus was on African-American book buying market. Client sold uplifting fiction and self-help books. 


Sales were made exclusively from bookstores. Ancillary products such as t-shirts and memorabilia related to publications were also sold. Rival bookstores maximized their own profits by huge markups, which adversely affected the bottom-line. 


We employed a combination of public relations (press and media kits), events, direct mail and email. The direct mail campaign consisted of custom sales brochures with a business reply mailer (BRM) sent to online book clubs and college students. Using targeted media,  Triplication™ provided effective marketing solutions that brought desired results: increased sales.

Beauty Spa                                                    


Sluggish sales.


Research urged marketing in adjacent communities.


Public Relations and marketing strategies to raise the client's profile.

We hosted events in conjunction with medical professionals at local hospitals whereby the client advised women on proper usage of certain skin care products for chemo and burn victims.

Native ads, press releases, media coverage, collateral, and participation at small business forums on television.


300% increase in revenue after our 12-month campaign

                         Community Health Center


This was a HMO with few enrollees. This is one of several clinics that we assisted. All of them faced closure unless enrollment increased.  

We decided to approach this as if it were a for profit, as if it were a big business. Healthcare marketing is delicate is delicate because it is depended on drawing in healthy people at the expense of existing, less healthy and elderly clients.


Research determined likely customers. Client engaged in outreach via collateral and gyms and health clinics stressing wellness. The clinics offered limited free health screenings and membership giveaways.  We placed billboards in select areas and placed native ads. We also stressed AIDS awareness, Hypertension, and sickle cell anemia and other issues peculiar to certain communities. 


After an and fusion of investments from area hospitals, client exceeded projected revenue by 60% by their second month.

Computer Software Company


 After six years, refurbishing and reconstituting software, business waned a year before CDM's involvement. Our client also shipped products globally. Competitors had emerged, affecting business, and, effectively curtailing global business.


Our client needed new customers while re-branding. Re-branding implied the business was new with no true brand identity. Factor A budget of two hundred thousand dollars was projected for two years. It allowed CDM to target customers, retaining old customers, expanding the market reach to business-to-business.


CDM Digital combined advertising, marketing, and online campaigns, along with PR nationally where we gave away free computers and training schoolchildren. Direct mail and email; and, in nationally, cable-television, and locally radio. The direct mail was a custom sales brochure with a business reply mail or (BRM) sent to business owners.                                                          

A marketing tagline was employed with the re-branding. The campaign was taken globally, targeting foreign-owned businesses in their own languages. Net Profit approached seven figures, exceeding projections by 200%.%.

CDM Digital Takes You Seriously 


Our staff likes each other. We try to have fun doing our job, but understand this.

As a client, you invite us into your businesses -- a position of trust -- a place of honor. The fun stops and we become adults. We have a duty to stay ahead of trends in marketing, to grasp how technology affects your market landscape and to help you travel it.

Maybe that's why we can say with confidence, we will always fulfill our pledge of "Making Your Brand Memorable."