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                           The Founder’s Letter

Consider this as the rebirth of a noble effort of the little creative agency that could. I say that because we were soaring high, in a heartbeat things changed. That really doesn’t matter. CDM Digital Advertising is more than a rebrand: it is represents the dismantling of Carson Dunn Media Advertising. From corporation to LLC. Make no mistake, the creative spirit that led me to start the traditional predecessor and strive to reach the sky is alive and well. 

Carson Dunn Media Advertising had noble intentions and was founded on those principals. The underlying premise and propellant was that, even though there were thousands of creative agencies, few were intentionally multi-cultural and inclusive.

 We were going to change that. That was 2008, the Great Recession. When I realized what was going on with the American economy, it became apparent that our venture was that more difficult.
The recession was crippling – but agency management made it worse. We didn’t have solid infrastructure – just ambition and a vague notion. We were about to appoint a partner to share the management responsibilities. That person decided to leave and form her own agency, taking our account executives with her. My mistake was dwelling on the event, and not replacing the AEs with people equally as good. But, life goes on. Those past issues have been eradicated and we have started afresh.

 We exist in a future called the “New Normal,” a term favored by Hank Blank. It describes an economy that is at once a crazy roller coaster of joy, triumph, disappointment, and victory. CDM is an ad agency that inhabits this “New Normal.” Our fate depends on perseverance and attitude. Our goals for success are realistic.

 Going forward we know there are pitfalls in front of us, but this time we will avoid the ‘human roadside bombs,’ that torpedoed us in the past. The thing is, the past is gone and will not be repeated. Hopefully, those traveling this venture will be adept, adroit and willing to go the extra mile for the agency and our clients.

 Well, I hear the 8:30 bells of the local Cathedral. It’s time to go to work.

 Bernard Alexander McNealy, Founder and President

Photographs courtesy of Pixabay.