Food For Thought: Core Values

When CDM Digital Advertising opened its doors during the ‘Great Recession,’ we soon discovered that despite the proliferation of agencies, we needed to stand out.  We are singular and make brands stand out because we are amazing story tellers.

We aren't skateboarding stoner ‘digitals,’ or, those jokers that proclaim I'm smarter than you 'because I code.’ We truly honor our clients and our philosophy is etched in four precepts.

Our Tagline: "Making Your Brand Memorable."

Our Mission: To tell a client’s story from the widest tapestry of imagination.

Our Philosophy: We have purpose: To create, succeed, and be the best.

Our Core Values: “The CDM Way.”

* We operate with integrity.

* Our agency observes and respects the dignity of others.

* We are ethical in all of our dealings.

* Be confident that our agency will fulfill its desire of “Making Your Brand Memorable.”

Perhaps addressing the idea of core values is simply one way to be meaningful as an agency. After all, an agency should have an identity -- as Ogilvy demonstrated in everything he did as titular creative head of Ogilvy and Mather. Sir John Hegarty has also admonished an agency to stand for something -- to be different and not part of the crowd.

I suppose that's a great idea when one remembers that there are 20,000 agencies -- some good -- some bad. A client doesn't really know until they've had a chance to interact with the agency -- CDM has discovered that more than we first have to get invited to offer our services. It does a disservice to what we claim to be if we haven't shown how good we are at what CDM does.

It's not easy because agencies do not promote themselves as one might think --part of it is because they haven't a clue. Many people, especially consumer confuse a tagline for the substance of a brand. In introducing the CDM Way, we have decided that our small agency is just as professional, if not more so than any other agency. If a staff member decides that how we work is a joke -- then they are in the wrong place.

Bernard Alexander McNealy

Bernard Alexander McNealy

Advertising agency owner and creative director. Married and published writer of mystery novels.