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The Cockeyed Optimist


Today is the dawn of a new day, a renew of optimism. I can breath a little.


For about ten years, I have headed a marketing and advertising agency. It sounds exciting, but in truth, it can be mundane. It can also be downright disheartening because it is really very little in the profession gives one encouragement. We're an agency where "always...or maybe, today," prevails.


In running an agency, one of the most questionable, or depressing aspects is that old adage of a good client being very hard to find. Sometimes I think he may be walking the streets in the guise of homeless people. You know type? That's a person walks up to you, demands a few dollars to gauge your reaction. It's either Jesus, or an undercover millionaire looking for a marketing company. The inability to tell the difference of in the to, this what creates problems.


Advertising is like any other industry. We want to grow. We want to prosper. We want the guy in the homeless who to bless us with a fat contract. Of course, I'm being facetious. But, this article is entitled “The Cockeyed Optimist,” because it seems I’ve some major serendipity of late.


David Ogilvy advocated that a leader must be willing to delegate, and indeed give up certain aspects of the business to someone a bit more enthusiastic, mercurial, and insightful. In times past these people tend to be frightening because the expectations that they were really gunning for your job. I'm optimistic for good reason.


I started looking for someone to assist me in the day-to-day running of my agency. I discovered a remarkable woman who has exceeded my expectations, a moment of doubt I had the first second. The second ‘second’ allayed my fears because he spoke so articulately and with insight.


What this simply means is that I can breathe easier. It's good to have someone alongside you that is really an equal. It's not surprising that this gifted young woman has begun the see the agency as her own and helped to take it in the direction that it should be in. If that means that my view is askew, it means that progress has finally visited us.


Now, I need to hire a cute salesman to go shakedown a couple of homeless people. I'm willing to bet that the three dudes occupying the tent along San Fernando Road are in fact the former heads of the three largest brokerage firms and have decided to start new companies, incognito.


Bernard Alexander McNealy
Bernard Alexander McNealy

Bernard Alexander McNealy

Advertising agency owner and creative director. Married and published writer of mystery novels.