Perception, Power, Desire...Three Ingredients For Business Growth

CDM Digital Advertising Agency of Los Angeles is a multi-cultural boutique agency of story-tellers who use the wide tapestry of imagination to enable clients to reach consumers. CDM integrates advertising with social media marketing, web design, OOH, and video. We meet the marketing needs of businesses by creating brand recognition by providing a distinct voice for them and their products.

Without that voice, a company can labor in obscurity, or fail. CDM Digital's narratives are creative and resonate emotionally.

Well told narratives stir consumers to become buyers. Yet, barriers must be overcome -- over 3500 messages bombard consumers daily. Once the clutter is nullified, a company obtains brand distinction.

Our goal is to destroy such impediments, thus allowing a client market visibility and sales. David Ogilvy said it best: “In a world of business, it is useless to be an original creative thinker unless you can sell what you create.”

By blending multi-channel disciplines, we accomplish our objective of  "Making Your Brand Memorable."


No company can survive without  brand exposure. CDM Digital provides affordable, integrated advertising and marketing for businesses.

       Web Design

Without a memorable original and professional website, a company can become obscure. Enhance your brand with email campaigns, and SEO. 

Branding and Strategy

Strategy creates good marketing and advertising. We don't assume anything; so we research, plan and bring all aspects to uniformity. 

Video Marketing

There tools  your business can use to obtain good notoriety. Video is a great marketing platform for your brand and company.


Marketing Research 

Smart companies know the key to growth is recognizing industry issues to find its audience. We research markets crucial indicators. 

Marketing Public Relations 

Every industry requires that a company finds and interacts with its audience. The image it projects determines brand longevity.

Reputation Management 

Your company may be victim of a bad review or rumor, destroying a good reputation. It's a perception and PR issue. We tackle  it for you online.