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We're a Different Type of Agency


Everyone says that, but we, at CDM Digital Advertising, mean it.


Good advertising seperates successful companies  from those that fall by the wayside. We proudly embrace the organizational cohesion and customer first approach of legacy agencies. We're a digital creative -- but an advertising agency.

We're Not Your Average Cats.


We're not the kids in sweaty T-shirts speaking in 140 characters -- Often, with digital agencies, account managers are not communicative. We place an emphasis on talking to the client. We are communicators who value dialogue.


Nothing against digital, because our agency delivers services using technology -- but we haven't forgotten that marketing is successful if conversation  is valued. After all, it's foundational to an agency of storytellers.


We're running the risk of having our computers and I-phones confiscated and our internet access blocked, but it's time for truth. Most agencies say they are full service but aren't. They outsource and mark it up -- we don't. We stay within our quoted fee.


Some agencies tell you that they can handle scores of areas. We don't -- we stay within our lane and deliver quality -- not self-promotional BS.

CDM Digitial Advertising is Client Specific

No agency can be all things to everybody. To do so means adopting a cookie-cutter philosophy that fails to acknowledge variance of needs of similar businesses. We tailor our services and deliver on the specific things that will benefit a company.

We also throw in a value added service for costs because it may enhance your project. Let's say, we do a website, we’ll add some SEO, or PPC to facilitate customer attraction. Or, if we are preparing adverts -- some new collateral might help achieve your goal.

It’s not free – we charge costs with no markup. It's also smart marketing.

The economy and the advertising industry have changed. So the platforms and methods an agency can use to reach prospects have evolved to a level of technological efficiency.

Our Past Clients Have Been Varied 

Our agency has decided to focus on these areas  because our talents have proven to be suited to provide the highest level of advertising.  That doesn't mean we will not do PR for "the Man in the Moon," but it's a hell of a drive and a big phone bill.

  1. Automotive Industry (including dealerships, distributors)
  2. Healthcare (hospitals, health clinics, physicians)
  3. Retailers  (Haircare, electronics)
  4. Apparel (manufacturers, designers) 
  5. Package Goods
  6. Food Services (restaurants, suppliers,  energy drinks food trucks)
  7. Distilled Spirits

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