Case Study:

Situation: A Southern California  designer and clothing store retailer wanted to introduce a new clothing line for Gen-Xers, while maintaining market exposure with millennials.

Questions: How to introduce new clothing line while improving sales to existing consumers.

Approach: After demographics study and metrics, CDM identified and targeted college-aged women and late teenagers, interweaving campaigns, one for young millennials, the other for teen aged girls. We built a new website, content, and a dedicated landing page. We generated publicity a month before the dress line introduction, focusing  on clothing stores near malls. 

We used multi-channel marketing, mobile marketing, including email and direct marketing to existing customers,  digital press releases, musical videos, digital banner ads and billboards.

Result: Within six months sales increased in 450% with college aged millennials, and exponentially increased Gen-X. Ultimately, this effort caught the eye of investors.