Case Study

Situation:  This client’s business model was based on, supplying a myriad of merchandise, from electronics, books, clothing, real estate and household items from warehouses in the Philippines and on both coasts of the United States.

The  vision was to create an online shopping club, using digital advertising, print and broadcast.

QuestionThe perception of the quality of the products, and lack of goodwill. Also, in infrastructure, no consistent marketing and advertising campaigns have been established.

Approach: Our strategy included public relations with timed press releases and media interviews. We used  a spokesperson, designed and coordinated a massive email campaigns. We produced video commercials and revamped client’s website for SEO and PPC   campaigns. CDM Digital developed dual use ads for print, OHH and digital, and infomercials for exposure is Asia. 

Result: The company experience a 4500% increase of revenue beyond its marketing investment.

Videos were devised from collateral written by CDM, in collaborative production with Carson Dunn Media Productions.