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You’re in business. You've created a public perception – some good – some bad. In most cases, the ‘bad’ is simply because someone has decided to destroy what you’ve achieved.       

Taking measures to manage your personal online reputation is important. At CDM Digital Advertising, our experience handling crisis management and public relations allows us to develop effective solutions to repair damaged personal reputations.

That's a sad reality, but true.

We Are Proactive

Our methods can reestablish positive reputations for individuals and businesses. We take a comprehensive approach to repair the online reputation of whatever company or individual we are working with.

Removing negative information is an involved process. Our agency tries to dispel the negative by publishing and promoting positive content to build a more positive reputation online.

If the issues of controversy involve crisis management or bad public relations of a person or business, we will use PR, press releases, events, and media relations to tackle the matter. 

Can An Online Record Be Erased?


There are no guarantees in life --but the negative commentary can be buried.  

Most Internet users get their information from the first page of web search results. Getting positive results on the first page is our specialty. We create positive content that is specially designed to flood web search results, which pushes the negative information out of sight.

We offer several packages specifically tailored for you.

We are ethical and will:

1)    Improve SEO of company-published materials.

2)   Improve social media profiles and posts.

3)   Submit online press releases to authoritative websites.

4)   Provide positive blogs and content online.

5)   Submit legal take-down requests on behalf of a client.

6)   Generate mentions in sites that rank high in Google.

7)   Help create positive PR events featuring the client 

8)   Record and distribute events on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.