Social Media Management

Why Social Media Management ?

1) It Can Help to Build A Brand

2) It Can Bring New Customers 

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We can help you build a successful brand using a social media strategy and will manage it.

CDM Digital Advertising’s social media marketing strategy reflects the philosophy that inbound marketing is essential to the ongoing success of today’s businesses.

Remember, marketing is multi-layered. Fortune 500 companies have discovered it is necessary to know and be responsive to their clients.

Customers want to engage in conversation and understand you. We assist our clients in creating material and content that sparks and keeps a customers’ interest.

How does that benefit a company?
  • Start with the knowledge of what Social Media Marketing is. A comprehensive strategy is much more than simply posting regularly to various sites. Using analytics and research, CDM Digital Advertising can help you attract attention on various platforms.
  • CDM Digital Advertising will help you polish your vision of your company’s future concerning client interaction. With a cohesive social media strategy, you can reach exponential revenue growth. Share your vision with us, and we’ll help connect with customers who will help you make it a reality.
  • Social media is not just Facebook.  In the most effective construct, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest should be integrated.  That way, your content is spread across the Internet,  making your brand the topic of conversation and interaction. It builds an audience of paying customers.
Two Reasons Business  Don't Handle Thier Own SSM.                                                                                               

images (1)work1) It's time-consuming.            

2) It demands developing content for placement on the most appropriate platform.    

Time is money. Do you or your employees take time out of the week to find content to post across all of your social media accounts? Social media marketing takes a lot of time away from other business operations.

At CDM Digital Advertising social media coordinators are dedicated to creating fresh content leaving you free to run your business. That could range from video on twitter or Facebook, blogging, or even coordinating these with your public relations marketing.

Your social media profile represents your brand.  Many of your potential customers get their first impression of your company through social media. Our  graphic designers and video producers will work present your company’s personality and represent your brand appropriately across all of your social media accounts.

“Social media isn’t how my customers will find me,” is flawed thinking. Our strategy combines consistent and relevant posting, professionally designed pages, and engagement with followers.

We aren’t looking for ‘likes’ or ‘thumbs up,’ but helping your company’s brand voice of your grow stronger, reaching an optimal audience of enthusiastic customers. In addition, it will provide you with quantifiable ROI.

Your customers are interested in knowing your company -- they buy from you and want to know why. Creating, joining and integrating platforms and hearing from you on a regular basis will help in brand recognition --- and sales.

CDM Digital's social media coordinators are also your account executives.  They will help develop achievable goals and followers -- remember followers become customers -- or can refer your business to them.

Here is our view, social media management is digital marketing. It can assist you the type of build business relationships that will establish you as the provider of choice for those in the know.