Oh, brave, faithful warrior.


I have seen you, brave warrior, so many times.

I know your glory.

You've turn back the infernos of hell, storming the breech.

You have cross that unforgiving Rubicon,

and my admiration grows.

Yet nothing exceeds your courage. My gratitude is not enough.

Thank you for your service, and your passion of values.   

Web Development 

WebSites  are at the core of your online presence. Web development and design are part of an overall online marketing strategy.  It follows therefore that a business must have a strong website.

5b45f2_d482b89efbab402fb6976d17eb1fa491In and of themselves, a website does not provide you with a proper online presence unless the elements and design that went into the site are finely developed and provide users with a great, refreshing experience visiting your website

Our work is not farmed out to some guy living in an unpronounceable country – or even to one of those sweaty tattooed kids with bad hygiene that live across town. The work is concerned by CDM Digital Advertising because we believe, in not only our work product but, more importantly, our name and brand.

Why Being Online is Important

Your online presence and is not only an extension of your brand but, whatever hard work you put in to get where you are. Establishing your brand, not doubt was probably a struggle  until that magical moment of refinement -- don't take it lightly.

Sadly, brands virtually disappear into the sea of a billion websites unless you add to a well-designed site, search engine optimization, PPC, both of which are directed toward search engine marketing.

At CDM Digital, we use our ability as marketers to develop and improve your content, integrating social media marketing to improve a customer’s user experience.  

Why We’re Different

Our team believes in shaping a development approach that gets to the root of your website wants and needs. Our process breaks down each of the steps involved in a development project to uncover and address as many challenges as possible early on in the process.                                                                   woman-692768_1280       

Our work is something like this woman -- pretty -- dazzling -- and put together.  

Our process includes:

  • Research
  • Theme Selection
  • Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Hosting

This is not a ‘Wix’ or ‘Webs by Debby’ overnight experience, but something more refined and involved that those applications.

Please keep in mind that if only takes a few minutes to your site together, it will be perfunctory at best. And, charitably, it will be what we dog left on your neighbor's lawn. Trust us -- we've made that mistake ourselves.

Of course, we tailor your site for your needs – coding where appropriate to give you a unique website. Our designers will also incorporate your design preferences as well.